Quit Smoking

You know all the reasons you shouldn't be smoking. But you just can't kick the habit. You are frustrated because the habit controls you.


• No Cravings

• Easy changeover

• No Weight Gain

• Stop Smoking Forever

• Better Health

• More Money

• Get Fit

• Get Free

If you are 100% ready to quit then you WILL become a non smoker! With Hypnosis from Peaceful Empowerment you can quit smoking without putting on the unwanted pounds, being irritable, and without having to avoid others who smoke.

If you are truly ready to become a non-smoker then you will be successful by stopping smoking with hypnosis.

Once you are ready to quit smoking, here is what happens after you quit:

Just 20 minutes after you stop smoking, you’ll notice…

Blood pressure decreases.

Pulse drops to normal.

Hands and feet may feel warmer.

About 8 hours after you stop smoking…

Nicotine levels in blood reduce by half.

Carbon monoxide levels in blood return to normal.

Oxygen levels in blood return to normal.

Stop smoking benefits after 24 hours...

Cilia in the lungs start to clean out the tar in mucus.

Chances of a heart attack begin to decrease.

After you’ve quit smoking for 2 days...

Nicotine is eliminated from the body.

Damaged nerve endings start to re-grow.

Senses of taste and smell are greatly improved.